Engage women of all ages to uplift and encourage for unapologetic pursuit of dreams.

Elevate womens voices, esteem and confidence. Join Me!

Empower women to control their narrative and create the life they want and deserve.


Customer turned consultant, I saw the opportunity to transform my life and others. I joined in April 2018 and have made it my mission to engage, elevate and empower women by providing mentorship, sisterhood, and self love. I love wearing and selling the jewelry , meeting new people and helping others reach their potential. I started for the wholesale pricing and tax benefit and my "why" has changed a million times over. Paparazzi has brought nothing but joy to my life. I've paid off bills, repaired credit, became a business owner, gave back to my community while putting my son through private school. Through this opportunity I'm able to lead and help others do the same. Take my hand and join me on this journey!