Paparazzi One Life 2019 Convention Highlights

Marla Hauser

What can I say? This company spoils you and celebrates you in abundance. I have worked for a corporation for decades and have made significant contributions to to high visible programs and made impactful contributions to innovation initiatives. I HAVE NEVER ...EVER been recognized and celebrated the way in which Paparazzi Accessories does it.

1. It is a top notch organized and professionally produced event from beginning to end.

2. You need extra luggage for all of the freebies, gifts and rewards.

3. Bonding with like minded women that genuinely support you in the name of Sisterhood.

4. The Founders are approachable, down to earth and pour into your business and spirit.  Leaders that listen,,,and Misty Kirby can bust a move.


If you are on the fence, jump off, start your business and let me coach you.



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